The Importance of Vaccinations

Pet vaccinations protect your cat or dog from unwanted and often preventable diseases. At Properties Animal Clinic in Calgary, we administer a standard regimen of pet vaccines and boosters for kittens and puppies. You can protect the health of your indoor or outdoor pet by ensuring they are up-to-date with their pet vaccinations.

Why Pet Vaccines Are Necessary

Standard veterinary care includes pet vaccinations. Many diseases that used to be fatal to our pets are now easily prevented with pet vaccines. For example, the rabies virus which remains a concern in Alberta with recent confirmed cases. Rabies is a fatal condition for all mammals, including humans, and its symptoms are untreatable once they manifest. Even indoor pets should receive protection through proper pet vaccines, as infections can still pose a risk. At our clinic, we prioritise the well-being of your pets and will always recommend the most suitable pet vaccinations based on their unique lifestyle and needs.

cat receiving vaccine shot

Why Pet Vaccines Are Necessary

If you are looking for pet vaccines for a kitten or puppy, we recommend scheduling the first appointment for when they are around 6 to 8 weeks old. Pet vaccinations are typically administered in a series of three appointments that are around one month apart. The regimen for your pet’s vaccines may be adjusted for any unique considerations, so we will confirm the timeline and next steps during your first appointment at Properties Animal Clinic. After the first pet vaccines, your veterinarian will discuss the types and timing of any follow-up or booster vaccines that are necessary.Send us a messageif you are unsure about your animal’s vaccination status and the best steps for pet vaccinations.

Why Pet Vaccines Are Necessary

We offer a full range of pet vaccines andveterinary servicesfor cats and dogs. Even if you are unsure what pet vaccinations are necessary, book an appointment to meet with aCalgary veterinarianto plan for what is best for your furry friend. The pet vaccinations we offer include:

  • Standard pet vaccinations for kittens and puppies.
  • Specialty vaccines for cats and dogs of all ages
  • Counselling about pet vaccines (we counsel all patients on which vaccines are appropriate for their animal during their regular pet exams)
  • International pet vaccines for the UK’s PETS Travel Scheme and other destinations

Feline Vaccinations

Cat vaccines are safe and considered standard veterinary care. For both indoor and outdoor cats, vaccinations will help prevent infectious diseases and contribute to a stronger immune system. And not only do cat shots protect your pets, but they help curb the spread of infection and disease in the surrounding cat community. Cat vaccines prevent transmission of unwanted bacteria or viruses to vulnerable kittens, and in the case of rabies, even human members of your family. Depending on your cat’s age and lifestyle, veterinarians at Properties Animal Clinic will recommend the most suitable types and schedule of cat vaccines.

Canine Vaccinations

Dog vaccines (sometimes referred to as puppy shots or dog shots) protect your pet against unwanted and often preventable diseases. Through a series of puppy shots and boosters, they will contribute to a strong immune system that will protect your dog at all ages. If you have any inquiries about which dog vaccines are right for your animal, book an appointment at Properties Animal Clinic to discuss a regimen and timing for your puppy vaccinations in Calgary.