Comprehensive Care

Properties Animal Clinic provides comprehensive care for all dog and cat health problems and issues. Regular examinations by skilled veterinarians are essential to prevent health issues, identify symptoms, and ensure the well-being of your pet. Leaving illnesses untreated can lead to chronic conditions. For example, swift action is crucial in cases like urethral obstruction to prevent rapid deterioration, and untreated ear infections can cause pain, aggression, hearing loss, and may indicate underlying allergies.

Other Veterinary Services Offered

  • Counselling on travel-related disease
  • Diagnosis of new dog or cat symptoms
  • Tick prevention
  • Medical and nutritional treatments for ear infections
  • Dog or cat urinary tract infection treatment
  • Dog or Cat Behaviour Problems´╗┐
  • Prevention and treatment of numerous other dog and cat illnesses

To make an appointment to diagnose dog symptoms or cat symptoms, book online.

dog lays down on side being examined by veterinarian