Surgical Procedures

When the unthinkable happens, you’ll want someone you can trust with the skills and the tools to help your furry friend feel better.

Surgical intervention can give your pet aid and comfort while reducing the risk of diseases and personality changes. 

Once veterinary surgery is scheduled, it is natural to feel anxious. Rest assured, we understand the bond between pet and owner. We treat your pets as if they are our own. 

Post-surgery can be an uncomfortable period. Your pet might feel drowsy over the next few days, but that special spark should reignite as they heal.

surgery room
Surgery Room

Vet Surgery in Calgary

Animal surgery is occasionally necessary for various reasons. Many conditions that require surgery can be swiftly fatal or lead to significant long-term pain and suffering if left untreated. Don’t hesitate to consult with a veterinarian to ensure the well-being of your beloved pet.

When To See Your Vet For Veterinary Surgery

Promptly seeking veterinary care is crucial, even if signs of injury or illness are not readily apparent in your pet. Animals have a natural tendency to conceal pain, making it challenging to detect underlying issues. Therefore, it is essential to have your pet examined by a veterinarian immediately after an injury or incident, regardless of visible symptoms. Early intervention can prevent complications and ensure your pet’s well-being.

Veterinary Surgery Services Offered at Properties Animal Clinic In Calgary

Our team is experienced in a wide range of cat and dog veterinary surgery. If you don’t see a veterinary surgical procedure on this list,
contact us to speak with a vet.

  • Cruciate repair (cat or dog knee surgery)
  • Exploratory/laparotomy and/or biopsy of bones, organs and tissues
  • Intestinal tract exploration/repair
  • Splenectomy
  • Perineal urethrethostomy (permanent urinary opening)
  • Cystotomy (bladder stone or bladder cancer surgery)
  • Cat or dog amputation of digit or limb
  • Mass (cancer) surgery
  • Eye enucleation
  • Cherry eye repair (glands nictitans prolapse repair)
  • Entropion and ectropion (eyelid) repair
  • Umbilical and inguinal hernia repair
  • Cat or dog bite abscess or laceration (cut) repair
  • Anal gland abscess repair
  • Vulvoplasty
  • Bone biopsy
  • Cerebral (spinal) fluid collection
  • Aural hematoma repair (ear surgery)

*Certain elective dog or cat surgery procedures such as declawing, ear cropping, tail docking, debarking and dewclaw removal are
no longer allowed in Canada. 

If you think your pet may need veterinary surgery, make an appointment today.