How Pet Dental Health Affects Overall Health

Animal dentistry is about more than just regularteeth cleaning for dogs and cats, remedyingbad breathor preventing tooth decay and damage. Proper cat and dog dentistry is essential to preserving a pet’s overall health, because what many owners don’t realize is that pet dental infections can affect other bodily systems. 

Animal Dentistry Prevents Infections

Bacterial infections can result in painful bone abscesses and tooth loss. Regular dental care from an animal dentist can prevent these conditions and related issues.

vet examining dog's teeth and mouth

Why Veterinary Dentistry is Needed Even When Pets Show No Pain

Regular veterinary visits can detect and prevent hidden pain in your cat or dog, as animals instinctively hide their discomfort. By addressing oral issues early, we can ensure your pet’s well-being, as they may not show signs of pain even when experiencing significant dental problems.

When To Seek Pet Dentistry

Pet Dental Check-Ups

Regular dental exams are crucial for maintaining the health of your cat and dog. For young pets, annual visits are recommended, while for pets over nine years old, biannual veterinary dentistry appointments are advised. Your veterinarian will provide personalised recommendations for your pet’s check-ups to ensure their oral well-being.

Oral Health Concerns

For specific veterinary dentistry concerns, such as bad breath, it is recommended to schedule annual pet teeth cleaning procedures. At Properties Animal Clinic, we are dedicated to providing exceptional animal dentistry care, and if you have any concerns regarding your pet’s oral health, we encourage you to book an appointment with us.

Animal Dentistry Services Offered

From regular check-ups to cat and dog teeth cleaning we provide complete veterinary dentistry services. 

  • Cat & dog teeth cleaning (polishing and fluoride)
  • Full pet dentistry examinations
  • Dental x-rays
  • Ultrasonic scaling
  • Sub-gingival curetting
  • Pet dental surgery to remove damaged or abscessed teeth
  • Recommend specialty foods and water additives that are proven to help control plaque and tartar
  • Cat and dog tooth extraction

Dr. Kent Morley practices pet dentistry in Calgary and has been performing dental surgery for over 20 years.
To receive quality veterinary dentistry for your cat or dog, make an appointment with Properties Animal Clinic today.